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LINGUA UNIVERSAL Ltd. was established in 2004. It is a holder of a translation and legalization license, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 897/2005 which was extended by Contract No. 1891, dated December 27th, 2012. Since 2004 the Company has managed to proof to be a correct and loyal partner. The quality of service it offers and client satisfaction have always been of its highest priority. This is why it only works with experienced translators, who proved their skills. Its personnel consists of qualified sworn translators, from and to all European and most often used Asian languages.


The Company makes different kinds of translations of personal and other documents used abroad, with no limitations in the specialized and/or strictly specific fields.

The Company has huge experience in its work with foreign clients.




It gives to its clients complete servicing in the field of translation and legalization of documents, by providing:

Accredited specialized translations;
Certification of documents in all Bulgarian and foreign institutions and representations in the Republic of Bulgaria;
Preparation for legalization and certification of documents at the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria;
Courier services;
Mediatory at legalization of the documents translated, as well as to documents that have no translation, yet need legalization for the country which they were meant for;
Acceptation of orders from the whole country, with no necessity for you to leave the place you live in;
Sending your translations the way you prefer – via e-mail or by courier;
Acceptation of payment in a way that is convenient for you – cash or by bank transfer;
Cooperation with translation agencies all around the country at preferential prices;
Discounts for regular clients;
Flexible price policy;
Implementation of orders in time;




The Company uses all modern communication methods and technical means for the operations, related to its work. This is the reason it guarantees the implementation of the orders assigned with maximum speed and quality.

It is Company’s goal to make it easier for its clients to administratively construct the documents.